1500 TL ve Üzeri Alışverişlerinizde Kargo Bedava !
1500 TL ve Üzeri Alışverişlerinizde Kargo Bedava !

Ribbon and Lace Detailed Nightgown

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Package Content
Nightgown + String

Washing Instruction

Hand Wash in 30 Degree Water , Allow to Dry in the Shade, Do Not Use Bleach.


                                                                                              PLEASE READ!
*Insideç Since their laundry is produced from sensitive materials, it may be damaged from time to time. We know that your biggest fear before purchasing is to encounter defective products, and we understand you. For this reason, before sending the products to you, we check them once again for defects and record this inspection on video. Thus, unlike many of our competitors, we prevent defective products from reaching you and prevent you from wasting time with the return process.
*Your orders comply with privacy and hygiene rules. It will be packaged and sent to you. The products are first placed in transparent tape bags, then placed in kraft packages, and then placed in a cargo bag and sent. *If you do not want your invoice to be placed in the cargo bag, you can contact us or write it in the order notes.
Your orders are prepared in the fastest way and delivered to the cargo company within 1-4 working days. Delivery time may vary depending on the country you are in.